“Hi, my name is Bella and I am a 2 1/2 year old Siberian Husky. I am an amazing dog because not only am I beautiful, but I love to talk (and talk back) to my mama. I love to play at the doggie park at West Point and go for car rides. Rolling in stinky stuff is one of my favorite things to do, besides digging huge holes in the backyard. The children in the neighborhood all love me and bring me tons of sticks to play with. When I go for a ride in the car, and hang my head out the window, people randomly yell “I love you!” (probably because I am so beautiful). I am the highlight of my mama’s and papa’s life and can sense when they aren’t feeling well or need some healing puppy love. I am a star in my neighborhood.”

My mama likes to be called “Jaime”.


“I am the one and only Brandi, a 10 year old Lhasalier (Lhasa apso/ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix). My mom says she rescued me, but I actually rescued her. I make her smile and laugh everyday. My hobbies include playing with my mom, chasing tennis balls, chewing on my toys, sunbathing, napping, barking at trespassers & squirrels, and doing tricks for treats!”

“My mom is Karen and she works at the library.”



“Hi! I’m Brie, an almost 11 years old mini-poodle. Brandi (above) is my sister. She says mom found me in the garbage, but mom says she adopted me at The HVSPCA (I believe mom—Brandi always teases me). Mom says I am extra special because I give lots of love—hugs and kisses all the time and I am the best cuddler ever! I am also really good at playing hide n seek! My mom is also Karen, although Brandi doesn’t like to share her with me.”





This is Charlie, a 1 1/2 year old Yorkie mix.

As you can tell from this photo, he is a fun loving dog who loves to run!

And he is adorable!

The lucky mom is Lisa Mazza.





This is Finnegan. He is a one year old Golden Retriever. Finnegan is always happy and smiling and always ready to show you his love.

Finnegan is training to be a visiting therapy dog and will be tested and certified soon.

Finnegan’s special mom is Barbara Schumacher.


This is George Murphy Dodson (a bibliocat) seen here reading his book of poems by cats.

George is an 18 year old Persian. He and his Mom used to listen to Cat Who books on tape while commuting to Albany when he was just a lad. He has always been a keen supporter of his library.

His proud parents are Charlie Murphy-Dodson and John Dodson.




These are Gigi & Coco, two LaPerm cats. They are sisters who are the best cuddlers!

Their mom, who gets to enjoy these cuddlers, is Michelle Gerdes.




Our dog, Lily.

What else is there to say?

She is beautiful and life is good.

She is a special part of The McGowan family.




My dog, Oakie, is the best hiking dog. He alerts me when he hears or smells anything. He also rules the couch. He is a 3 year old Border Collie/Jack Russell mix adopted from a rescue in PA.

Hiker Mom is Rita Chen.



Our Pet Rocks are unique and amazing because they glow in the dark.

Proud owners are Donna Villa, Bianca Pacini & Grayson Macellaio.




This is Roxy, a 14 year old Persian cat. Guess who the boss is in this family?

Mom and Dad know to move out of her favorite spot on the couch when she is near by.

However, she doesn’t seem to have much power over haircuts (as you can tell from the photo above).

The loving servants (I mean parents) of Roxy are Deb and Donnie.

This is Shiloh at 4 months old. She was named after a children’s novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

Loving owner is Marie-Elena Ortiz.